Analytical concrete mixing station two kinds of feeding mode Concrete mixing plant concrete mixing station project concrete mixing station two kinds. Here to talk about Dawson mixing stations Suppliers What are the feeding method? Concrete mixing station feeding way: on automatic background belt material. Is the use of a continuous belt conveyor for feeding material way, the impact of continuous feeding of small, mainly for some large commercial concrete mixing station. Concrete mixing station feeding way: artificial platform feeder. This requires a forklift to transport the raw material silos, but cutting too much trouble, the need for human oversight, and the impact of the mixer is relatively large. Suitable for some small and medium commercial concrete mixing station. Concrete mixing station How to choose the right weighing

Concrete mixing station standard stations, is an important factor weighing three indispensable. It can be automatically adjusted by weighing the good ratio, to the users requirements, saving time and effort high efficiency! So, how do we help customers choose the right weighing it? Weighing three concrete mixing stations are: water weighing, cement weighing, additive weighing. pneumatice motor concrete vibrator Water weighing, by definition is weighing the water, usually concrete production process, water is essential, so be sure to choose water weighing. Cement weighing, or it can be said powder weighing, concrete mixing station in common powdered materials are fly ash, cement, slag, which also especially cement majority. Additive weighing, weighing an optional additive in concrete mixing plants are commonly used in antifreeze, expanders, superplasticizer, in accordance with the specific requirements of the customers site to choose from! Under normal circumstances, if the customer does not specified, then performed in accordance with the standard three.

Intermittent mixing station system components

Twin-shaft mixer mixing system for foreign key element dimensional assembly, the user can also specify other foreign mixer. Aggregate measuring measurement system: standard is calculated using the incremental method, improved use of electronic weighbridges reduction method of measurement; powder measure: the top measurement and fly ash cement mixer set weighing bucket, mixing station standard AC contactor control upgrade spiral, no fine dispensing device; achieve improved mixing station batching coarse, fine with frequency converter. Water metering: three-point suspended weighing bodies, with coarse, fine with loops and other devices to ensure measurement accuracy. Admixture measurement: the sensor load is applied directly with coarse, fine with loops and metering boxes, piping individually furnished, to ensure accurate measurement. Dedusting system centralized dust mixing station with separate centralized processing, dust removal effect, and to avoid the negative impact of the powder mixer cavity to form the measurement accuracy. On aggregate feeding system Aggregate feeding belt concrete vibrator flexible shaft conveyor using a promotion to the storage hopper. With a compact, high reliability and easy maintenance. Automatic control system uses a distributed computer system, centralized management, with reliability. Improved concrete mixing plant technical advantages: Five Practical High School Two practical Practical real-time data management system to save mixing station production data. With a strong combination inquiry and various report output, automatically print the delivery note. Practical Practical slump slump monitoring cnc plate bending machine steel bending machine system monitoring system according to current curve mixer, the operator can be displayed visually determine slump concrete. Intermittent structural characteristics of cement concrete mixing station Large storage bin under the discharge port, is not expected to bagging (silos without vibrator) in the warehouse, cutting speed, less feeding time, feeding time can produce a car concrete cylinder moves small frequency, long service life. Storage warehouse to measure how much the Big Dipper feeding does not affect the accuracy of ingredients. Ingredients time and rise time one, the silo to the weighing hopper feeding time is short, the ingredients time and enhance long time. So that the sensor has a full stable response time, small overshoot ingredients to enhance small load. Strong pull belt speed computer, the drive control, soft start and stop, a small impact, less sticky material belt. Various aggregates in a substantially fixed time out, mixing, lifting load evenly.